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Information anxiety is produced by the ever-widening gap between what we understand and what we think we should understand. It is the black hole between data and knowledge, and it happens when information doesn’t tell us what we want or need to know.”                                                                                                                                  -Richard Saul Wurman, 1989

In a world where information is everywhere and increasing at a relentless pace, making sense and transforming this information into useful knowledge will become the greatest challenge we will face over this century. How will we grasp what knowledge has been created or how knowledge is evolving without being lost in this sea of information?

That is where Anivation steps in.

Anivation is an independent think-tank and strategic research intelligence consultancy investigating creative and insightful ways to make sense of the deluge of information in the biomedical world.

We use cutting-edge tools from visualization of networks and discourse analysis to begin our exploration of the research landscape but we do not stop at that. We extract insights, connect dots across divergent fields, identify gaps in knowledge and uncover stories that emerge from the data in order to create knowledge overviews that tell you what you want or need to know about your field of interest as well as the human/societal context that may shape its development.

Whether you are a funding-agency, a corporate strategist, a start-up, a humanitarian organization, a designer or a scientific researcher, these visual knowledge overviews can be treated as a starting point to launch your enquiries, inform your strategies or frame your solutions in an original way. In other words, we hope that by visually seeing the field in all its complexity, you will be inspired to ask questions that may not have crossed your mind otherwise.

Interested to learn more? Please visit the Vision, Method and Blog sections for more details and examples of our approach.


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