A blog on knowledge mapping using data science tools by Anisah Alyahya


Anivation is a life science intelligence lab with a mission to address challenging questions in healthcare using a variety of cutting edge tools.

In recent years its main focus has been the mapping of scientific knowledge in order to understand how a research field is evolving, spot gaps and identify opportunities to inform research, innovation and policy directions of the future.

In collaboration with a data science startup, we are developing a methodology to use the latest understanding in network science to uncover trends and connections within fields of scientific research.

We are still evolving so check back soon or follow the blog or twitter for updates

The founder

Anisah Alyahya trained as a medical doctor at Imperial College London, with a special interest in infectious diseases, followed by a PhD in molecular microbiology at Yale University. She has worked in vaccine research in the biotech industry as well as a scientific advisor in an international public health organization based in Geneva.

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