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“Information is not knowledge. You can mass-produce raw data and incredible quantities of facts and figures. You cannot mass-produce knowledge, which is created by individual minds, drawing on individual experience, separating the significant from the irrelevant, making value judgements.”

-Theodore Roszak quote from the book Information Anxiety by Richard Saul Wurman (1989)

Anivation is an independent think-tank and strategic research intelligence consultancy investigating creative and insightful ways to make sense of the deluge of information in the biomedical world.

We use cutting-edge tools we are developing to map knowledge and discourse in order to visualize and identify gaps and opportunities that may lead to innovative solution directions to a complex health challenge.

Whether you are a funding-agency, a corporate strategist, a start-up, a humanitarian organization, a designer or a scientific researcher, these visual knowledge overviews can be treated as a starting point to launch your enquiries, inform your strategies or frame your solutions in an original way. In other words, we hope that by visually seeing the field in all its complexity, you will be inspired to ask questions that may not have crossed your mind otherwise.

The founder

Anisah Alyahya considers herself as a bridge between many worlds. With her eclectic professional and personal backgrounds, she has always had an eye for connecting ideas between disparate fields. Her background across medicine, molecular biology, vaccine development and strategy in biotech has taken her across countries and continents where she has been immersed in new ideas, cultures and languages. Inevitably, she sees the world as highly connected, and it is this viewpoint that influences her perspective on problem-solving the complex issues in healthcare today.

For her professional profile, click here.

The research

Anivation is currently focused on exploring research areas from the field of infectious diseases as a proof of principle (see this talk for an introduction to the work). In the longer term, the aim would be to apply these tools and techniques on wide ranging complex healthcare issues that we see in the modern world.

If you would like to collaborate and investigate if these tools and techniques could shed light to some questions you may have on the research landscape or discourse within a health issue, feel free to get in touch here or connect via LinkedIn and Twitter. We are always open and curious to cross-pollinate new ideas and learn from the experience of others.

We’ll be adding more material as we go along, so do check back often or follow the blog to receive updates.


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